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Ràfols Casamada & Maria Girona

The possible balance is an exhibition of own production of the Museum of Montserrat. The exhibition, curated by the art historian Bernat Puigdollers, member of the MDM team, delves into the intimate and personal world of Maria Girona and Albert Ràfols Casamada and goes into the roots that unite their divergent and personal trajectories but at the same time next and convergent. The exhibition is the result of a long research process that contributes numerous aspects until now unpublished of their career, which are collected in an extensive catalogue that we hope will become an important contribution to the historiography of post-war Catalan art.

Maria Girona (Barcelona, ​​1923-2015) and Albert Ràfols Casamada (Barcelona, ​​1923-2009) belong to the generation of artists formed during the early forties. In the difficult and unenthusiastic context of the first Francoism, they both fought together, with many other artists of their generation, to energize and build a modern and freer cultural environment. This exhibition delves into some of the most relevant initiatives of their artistic career –the founding of the Els Vuit group (The Eight), the October Salons, the founding of the Eina School, etc– without forgetting common life events such as the studies in Paris, thanks to a grant from the French Institute, or summers spent in Calaceite and Cadaqués, reflecting two complementary lives. It is, in fact, a deepening of their artistic beginnings and a life in common dedicated to art, without forgetting the relationships and connections of their works, apparently opposed, divergent, but at the same time intimately linked. This exhibition also wants to be a vindication of the work and the figure of Maria Girona, normally in the shade. She didn’t only carved out a quality work of her own often little recognized, but also played a decisive role in this whole process of renewal of post-war art.