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Montserrat, monastère millénaire

Montserrat, monastère millénaire
April 23 - June 26, 2024
Centre d'études catalanes, Sorbonne Université, París
Curator: G. Xavier Caballé

Montserrat is present all-around Catalonia. In almost any city or town it is easy to find representations of the Lady of Montserrat, churches with her name, tiles on the front of houses, as well as streets, squares and entities dedicated to her. And more intimate details, such as medals, key rings, holy cards that many of us wear next to our skin or in our wallets. And even today, many women are called Montserrat, Montse, Tona, Bruna, Muntsa, Rat ...

Montserrat has been with the Catalans everywhere they have gone. A hermitage close to Havana, an island in the West Indies, towns in Venezuela, Honduras, Chile. The name Montserrat always transports the Catalans to their country. A thousand years after the foundation of the monastery and sanctuary of Montserrat, it continues to be the spiritual reference for the Catalan people and their most important sign of identity.