Current exhibitions

Information about the temporary expositions of the Museum of Montserrat, that are displayed in the Pere Daura and Pere Pruna rooms at the Museum, and that pay special attention to contemporary artists and the dialog with the world of culture.

Guillermo Pfaff

Aire de Montserrat is situated at the centre of a densely woven web of ambivalence. The title itself does not seem to point to such enigma, but it implicitly strengthens the tension between the levity and gravity existing within the project on display. In the mountains and Monastery of Montserrat, deep historical notions are put forth, united with an earthly dimension that predominates in the...

Jordi Fulla

Anatomy of an island with closed eyes Byung-Chul Han sustains that knowledge is a patient expedition towards silence. A negative path, against the grain of our always affirmative and hurried civilization. A path travelled groping in the dark, with no prefabricated destination. A road taken by thinkers, hermits and creators since the dawn of time. Some have ventured down, free-falling through the