East to West

Asia at the Museum collections

The Far East and its cultures, influenced by the spirit from Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism, made a strong attraction in our western civilisation which was determinate by a technical world and immediate pragmatism; the east culture accentuate the spiritual dimension. Thanks to a delicate and stimulating image that brings calm and concentration, offers positive values which, especially in a moment of deep questions about culture like our time, can be helpful and useful.

A spiritually alive on the dairy offerings on the temples, on the ceremonies of infant initiation or on the concept and representation of the nature and human existence, which it is the main reason to create objects that today we call artistic but were made in the first place as an act of faith, as an image of the divinity, to exalt the beliefs of the people.  

The Asian art in Montserrat, even not being common, makes up a collection every time bigger and richer. A hundred years ago only a couple of pieces acquired by F. Abat Marcet in his trips to Filipinas were in Montserrat. The rest has being the profit of several donations that arrived in Montserrat in different circumstances.