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Andrea Torres Balaguer


The silence of the pomegranates

From July 7 to November 11, 2018
The work of Andrea Torres is a perfectly orchestrated trap. An intentionally proportioned and attractive piece, it covers us like a spider web and transports us to a world that is as mysterious as it is suggestive, ordinary at first glance but disturbing nonetheless, beautiful but terrible at the same time. The amiable appearance of her photographs opens the doors to a great mystery and, from its symbolism and its poetry, shows us the main axes of her work: the limit of meaning, the fine line that separates reality from fiction, femininity, or even identity itself.

The photographs are accompanied by fragments of some of her main literary references, intended to evoke the deeper meaning of her work and enlighten our understanding through those words. Once you have crossed the threshold of this door, nothing is really what it seems. Simple objects –a cup, a pomegranate or a flower– are filled with meaning, forcing us to forget the obvious beauty of their shapes. Everything is conjured in one glance, a faceless presence and the silence of pomegranates.

Between dreams and surrealism

The work of Andrea Torres Balaguer (Barcelona, 1990) is influenced by dreams and surrealism, exploring the relationship between femininity and nature by means of symbolism and the dream transcription technique. Inspired by references to magical realism and the theory of psychoanalysis, her images experiment with the conscious subconscious. While thinking about the scene-action concept she creates works suggesting stories and invites the spectator to interpret them, seeking to experiment with the borders between reality and fiction. 

A graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, the young photographer has had a large number of exhibitions in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, London and New York. In 2014 she had her first solo exhibition as the winner of the first New Talents Award organized by the Artevistas Gallery. In 2015 and 2017 she reached the final of the renowned Sony World Photography Awards. Her work forms part of the collections of prestigious institutions such as the Artistic Heritage of the University of Barcelona, the Vila Casas Foundation and the Salvat Foundation. In 2017 she was one of the young discoveries at Paris Photo. She is currently represented by the Miquel Alzueta Gallery in Barcelona, In Camera Galerie in Paris and Qlick Editions in Amsterdam.