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Àlex de Fluvià

Palimpsest: What Lies Beneath

The word “palimpsest” derives from the Ancient Greek palimpsēstos. It literally means “scraped clean and ready to be used again”. Palimpsests are also ancient manuscripts drawn by scribes on parchment in which writing was removed, covered or replaced by a new layer of text. They reveal a history, just as a chalkboard sometimes allows us to see partially erased marks. Àlex de Fluvià’s paintings are reminiscent of palimpsests. They are constructed by overlaid erasures, strokes and gestures resembling written forms. Moreover, they also share the same intrinsic quality of retaining recorded traces and revealing an apparently hidden meaning. In the ambiguity that arises from the transparencies of collected layers of paint, each work in this exhibit reveals its own history and carries deeper layers of thought.

Àlex de Fluvià generates three dimensional spaces through a multiplicity of pictorial languages juxtaposed on his canvases. Creating a meticulously orchestrated fusion in which the universal and the particular coalesce. A palimpsest of the ancient and modern, in which his personal life experience is present and the traces of a collective memory exist. His art is an experiential cultural tapestry–densely painted and layered to mirror everything humans accumulate in their interior. De Fluvià exposes our experience by expressing ideas of transformation and uncertainty in a compressed modern era.

Jimena Flores
Exhibition curator