Current exhibitions

Guillermo Pfaff

Aire de Montserrat is situated at the centre of a densely woven web of ambivalence. The title itself does not seem to point to such enigma, but it implicitly strengthens the tension between the levity and gravity existing within the project on display. In the mountains and Monastery of Montserrat, deep historical notions are put forth, united with an earthly dimension that predominates in the experience of those standing before it. The work presented here by Guillermo Pfaff responds to this decidedness with a pictorial display that takes in questions steeped in the reality of our times, one associated with a certain notion of being uprooted as a result of the current acceleration and technology that are echoed by the peculiar relationship between image and support that characterizes his artwork. A shifting, slippery movement can be noted throughout the exhibition; irrepressible paintings that maintains a fierce relationship with the support that holds it. Occasionally, this one seems to have been infected by that other one, and moves in the limitless space that contains it, as if it were an indefinite splotch with neither shape nor form; much like the recently created fabrics hanging from the wall of the room, which allow the viewer to devise new inflections around the pictorial space. Aire de Montserrat manages to juxtapose the earthy, ochre sediments of tradition with the elusive flow of images of our times.

Javier Hontoria, curator