Upcoming exhibitions

Ràfols Casamada and Maria Girona

November 10, 2018 – May 5, 2019
Pere Daura Room
Curator: Bernat Puigdollers

Albert Ràfols Casamada (Barcelona, ​​1923-2009) and Maria Girona (Barcelona, ​​1923-2015) belong to the generation of artists formed during the first years of the Spanish postwar period. Both, in this difficult and little stimulating context of the first Francoism, fought, along with many other artists of their generation, to energize it and build a modern and free cultural environment. This exhibition will delve into some of the most relevant initiatives of their artistic career –the founding of the group "Els Vuit", the October Shows, the foundation of Eina School, etc. We’ll focus as well in their common life events such as the study trip to Paris, a scholarship by the French Institute, or the past summers in Calaceite and Cadaqués, reflection of two complementary lives. The exhibition affects their artistic beginnings and delves into a life in common dedicated to art, the relationships and connections of their works, apparently opposed, divergent, but at the same time intimately linked. This exhibition also wants to be a vindication of the work and figure of Maria Girona, normally in the background, who, in addition to creating a quality work of her own, she also played a decisive role in this process of renewal of postwar art.


Salvador Juanpere

November 30, 2018 – March 24, 2019
Pere Pruna Art Space
Curator: Teresa Blanch

Salvador Juanpere (Reus, 1953) is an outstanding sculptor of the Catalan art scene who has developed a unique language around the sculptor's trade. He uses a great technical virtuosity that connects him with classical traditions, precisely to place the sculptural work conceptually in a state of suspension from the humanism that characterized him in previous periods. In this finalist, annoying process, which would have reached the sculptural modernity at the end of 20th century, the artist reactivates lovingly and at the same time critically what has constituted him inside: the pedestals, the tools, the resources of the statuary, the tools to transport it, the leftover materials, etc. They are all reproduced literally with hard materials (marble, iron, steel, stone, concrete or bronze). The model ends up being the own circumstance and contingency of the workshop, which Juanpere homologates with the sculptural work sustained within a long temporality populated by his admired sculptors (J. Oteiza, C. Brancusi, A. Giacometti, the Bernini orbit, J. Beuys, G. Penone, the Povera ...), with which he establishes well-visible links that oscillate dialectically between the homage and the discussion of his artistic principles. To relate to them and also to poets, mathematicians, thinkers and historical religious thoughts, Juanpere is allied with the textual. The words are, for him, an important support of living plasticity that coexists naturally with sculptural matter, in intricate reflection games that involve and intensely engage the viewer. We’ll be able to see a good sample of his creation in this exhibition at the Museum of Montserrat.


Jordi Alcaraz

May-October, 2019
Pere Daura Room
Curator: Bernat Puigdollers

The work of Jordi Alcaraz (Calella, Barcelona, 1963) is the perfect confluence of form, poetic and concept. Using very diverse materials –methacrylate, ink, iron– he breaks, from the genre itself, the limits of painting, sculpture and engraving. From material evokes the idea not yet formulated, the aura of the object, he transforms and deforms reality, recreates it and thinks it with touch and hands. Heir to the Catalan artistic tradition of the last fifty years, Alcaraz’s work is related to Brossa’s irony and poetics, Tàpies’ material and Llena’s ethereal character. This exhibition at the Museum of Montserrat shakes the commonly accepted concept of painting and takes us into a reflection about the creative fact itself, identity and reality.