Upcoming exhibitions


Vital Mantra
March 13 - June 21, 2020
Pere Pruna Art Space
Curator: Jimena Flores

Work by Catalan artist Àlex de Fluvià (1966-2015) is a hybrid of different cultural observations experienced during long trips, contrasted with his deep Mediterranean roots. In his paintings, the random, the repetition and superimposition of signs are mixed to produce a universal artwork.
De Fluvià’s visual language evolves in New York, Cairo, Tokyo and Dubai creating abstract paintings that highlight the beauty of the graphic forms of language where the writing loses its literal meaning.
His interest in the gestural research of the calligraphic stroke leads him to create surfaces constructed from dense and rhythmic patterns where collage, marks, graffiti and colours produce tensions to transmit his conceptual base.
The exhibition that will host the Museum of Montserrat will present a retrospective on the most relevant topics to the artist, such as uncertainty, duality, contradiction and hope.


May 22 - November 8, 2020
Sala Pere Daura
Curator: Bernat Puigdollers

Ramon Rogent (Barcelona, ​​1920 - Pla-d'Orgon, France, 1958) is, without a doubt, one of the most important painters of the generation of artists that appeared in Catalonia during the Spanish post-war years. The exhibition organized in the Reig Galleries in 1943, together with Fabra, Fin and Vilató, was already an entry of fresh air into the dark and rarefied cultural environment of the post-war period. Rogent’s painting, bright coloured and heiress of the first avant-garde, meant a step forward towards the plastic renovation of Catalan painting. Rogent was, in addition to an excellent painter, a cultural agitator that shook the grey and closed artistic atmosphere of the Franco dictatorship. Unfortunately, a car accident tragically truncated his career when he was still very young. This exhibition at the Montserrat Museum, organized on the occasion of the centenary of his birth, deepens his artistic work and claims his figure, a key piece to understand the arts of this period.