Nearly 50,000 visitors at the Montserrat exhibition in Italy
04 / 06 / 2014

The exhibition Montserrat, Opere maggiori dell'Abbazia at Forte di Bard ended with a total of 48,276 visitors, a great number that demonstrates the interest the people of the Italian Aosta Valley have for the Montserrat artistic collection. The exhibition was open from January 31st to June 2nd. Last weekend visitors were faced with large queues to see the pieces, so to meet this demand, the cultural centre decided to extend the hours until midnight on June 1st.

We are very pleased with the international interest in the Museum of Montserrat that was seen with this large exhibition, formed by one hundred of our best art pieces. The Forte di Bard visitors experienced pieces from a broad range of history, from a 12th century stone sculpture of the Virgin to a 2010 contemporary painting by Sean Scully. Since the opening day in late January, we could see the exhibition’s popularity, which was complemented by a favourable response by the press. One piece that will last is the catalogue created for this exhibition, written in Italian and English, with texts by the director of the museum, Josep de C. Laplana, who has also been the curator of the exhibition along with Gabriele Accornero, CEO of Forte di Bard.

During these months, the Museum of Montserrat has shown another face. We were able to fill the gaps left by the pieces that travelled to Italy with other pieces from our quality collection. Thereby, our visitors have been enjoying another museum, showing some lesser known but very valuable pieces, which they are not usually displayed due to lack of space.

In mid-June the Museum of Montserrat will again display the original permanent exhibition, with all its masterpieces. We’re waiting for you!