Artist Sean Scully visits Montserrat
26 / 06 / 2014

Painter Sean Scully visited today Montserrat to check the development of Saint Cecilia’s church restoration and thus adjust his artistic production to the space that currently is being rehabilitated. A group of journalists were waiting Scully at the Museum of Montserrat, all of them very concerned about his action at the Romanesque church. Scully explained in detail the reasons for his job, his affectionate relationship with Montserrat and the aesthetic and spiritual sense that he wants for this work.

After greeting the Abbot, the artist has visited the building accompanied by the technical services; as far as he watched the place and got proper explanations, Scully was getting more enthusiastic and he valued the chance to increase his involvement in Santa Cecilia, which has a very dear sense meaning to the artist. There is no exact date still to the finish the work, but we all trust that in summer 2015 Santa Cecilia, renewed in its architecture and enriched by Scully’s paintings, could be open to the public so that everyone can enjoy this major work in the artistic future of our country.

The old monastery of Santa Cecilia, located in the municipality of Marganell, dates back to the 10th century. The last years it was in disuse after the adjacent spaces were previously used as a youth hostel. The renovation began last year thanks to the agreement between the Abbey of Montserrat and Barcelona Provincial Council.