Caravaggio's new book release
07 / 07 / 2014

Author: Artur Ramon
Title: San Jerónimo penitente de Caravaggio (Catalan and Spanish)
Collection: Monografías del MDM, 2
PAMSA-Museu de Montserrat, April 2014
16,5 x 11,5 cm., 98 pages, 52 photographies.

Caravaggio, instead of being the last painter of the Renaissance period, he was -on top of everything- the first of the Modern Age. Now this conclusion may seem obvious, but you cannot understand it completely until you assess his intellectual involvement and habits -perhaps because it looks towards a period that is always open and growing- which today, still look profoundly modern. The public seeks, naturally, a painter who has tried to be natural and comprehensible; a human more than a humanist, in one word, popular. 

Artur Ramon (Barcelona, 1967). An art historian, antiquarian, and gallery director. He was a graduate of the University of Barcelona with a degree in Art History, and also a pupil of Dr. José Milicua. He spent many years in Italy in order to learn first-hand from the old masters. He continued his studies in London (Sotheby’s Educational Studies, 1988), alongside John Wilton-Ely; his focus being the works of Piranesi, his preferred subject in which he has been head of several expositions. From engraving, he pursued drawing, and has become a renowned expert within art forums such as TEFAF Maastrict, Salon du Dessin in Paris, London Art Week, and Master Drawing in New York. He has been commissioner of numerous expositions and has contributed a number of works to various specialized journals, on the topic of artistic themes. He is an active and sought after speaker in radio, television, and cultural groups. Amongst other positions and responsibilities, he is also a member of the Advisory Council for the Museum of Monserrat and author of various books: Ofici d'Antiquari, Album Manolo Hugué, Los Piranesi de Montserrat and recently Nada es bello sin el azar.