Subirachs sculpture exhibition
11 / 07 / 2014

The Museum of Montserrat presents a new temporary exhibition during the summer, called Subirachs sculptor, selected works, which contains 23 art pieces by this great artist, who died last April. 

Josep Maria Subirachs (1927-2014) was one of the most emblematic of contemporary Catalan sculptors, a major figure with a solid and internationally recognised career. The Museum of Montserrat presents this small retrospective exhibition showing a collection of sculptures that offer a representative overview of the different stages of the creative journey of this artist. It contains a small group of female figures that exude the influence that the ‘Noucentisme’ movement had on his work in the forties and fifties, which subsequently and almost imperceptibly flows into a more vigorous expressionism. Afterwards comes the determined move towards abstraction and, moreover, the tension between the clamps and wedges, the obsession with geometry integrated into a metaphysical conception of reality, the attraction of the classical world, its mythology and its more refined forms that make up a new repertoire which returns to include figuration and the play of intersecting volumes within a full syntax of cultural quotations which are often impenetrable.

The exhibition has been prepared in consultation with Judit Subirachs-Burgaya, daughter of the artist.