Sterbak and Chancho, at the Museum of Montserrat
17 / 09 / 2014

Two new exhibitions this fall with great contemporary artists: Jana Sterbak and Joaquim Chancho

Jana Sterbak was born in Prague in 1955, but she early settled in Canada and currently lives between Paris and Montreal. She’s an internationally recognized contemporary artist. The main point of reference in her work is the body, as an element of personal identification. Representing the body highlights the vulnerability of the flesh, the limitation imposed by the body, which she relates to cages. She uses as well other mechanisms to suggest the inevitable process of growth, degeneration and death. The architecture -the body as container- is also a common tool in her work. Jana tries to involve the viewer proposing to him very personal sensory experiences. Her objects and pieces of clothing (perfumes, dresses, crowns, furniture) allow many interpretations. The ambiguity is also present in pieces that can generate conflicting looks, like a perfume made ​​from human sweat, or a woman’s shirt with man’s hair on the chest creating a strange feeling. The use of video often complements pieces of her performances.
In recent creations she moves away from this transgressive look. One of the outstanding works in Montserrat will be Planetarium, in which the artist looks out inspired by astronomy with a set of large glass spheres. Sterbak's recent works explore the cosmic symbolism related to the origins of the world and how humanity fits into this complex cosmic universe. She also meditates about the "shelters" that man builds himself, and the "weights" and "charges" of earthly consciousness that man carries on his back and drags along his life.
Jana Sterbak visited Montserrat two years ago with her friend, the artist Javier Pérez, who has worked with the art of glass in the CIRVA center in Marseille (the same place where Perez made ​​his famous bells, which were also in Montserrat in the Lamentations exhibition).
In this new exhibition, which opens on November 27, Jana Sterbak’s work will interact with some pieces from the collection of the Museum of Montserrat, in an utterly unique proposition.
The project, curated by Teresa Blanch, has the support of Tàpies Gallery, the Barcelona Contemporary Art Museum (MACBA) and the Quebec Office in Barcelona.
Chancho is back
This fall also sees the return of Joaquim Chancho (Riudoms, 1943), a good friend of the Museum of Montserrat. The artist starred here in the 2005 exhibition Joaquim Chancho, a contemporary classic, which was also curated by Teresa Blanch. It is a decade this summer since our museum was renovated, with the opening of the Pere Daura room for temporary exhibitions, and this collaboration with Chancho marked the beginning of the continued commitment of the Montserrat Museum for contemporary art.
This time the artist will present Stamps in the Pere Pruna Art Space. This is a chronological selection of prints consisting of about fifty works from 1971 to the present, and includes a series inspired by Montserrat. The exhibition will open on November 10 and will be open until March 2015.
Extended Coptic Textiles exhibition
On the other hand, the exhibition of the Coptic Textiles of the Museum will be extended a few days, so that it will be open to visitors until November 10 (inclusive). We’ll culminate thus one of the most important achievements of recent times, to show this magnificent collection for the first time, after a painstaking restoration process.