Montserrat presents the prints by Joaquim Chancho
29 / 10 / 2014

Joaquim Chancho (Riudoms, 1943) comes back to Montserrat with an exhibition of graphic works, curated by Antònia Vilà. It’s a chronological selection of prints from 1972 until now, and includes a recent series inspired in Montserrat. The show opens on November 10 until March 15, 2015.
This exhibition brings together a selection of prints made ​​with different techniques by himself, and works made in co-operation with artists and various graphic art workshops in Barcelona over four decades.
Chancho has always expressed a preference for paper as an excellent resource, a material that he has also used as a tool for experimentation. For him, paper is the place upon which he examines the abstraction of space and signs, interrelated elements in his work in radical introspection, which seeks deep unity of being. The emptiness of the blank sheet of paper triggers in Chancho an intense and laborious challenge around the idea of process and journey.
The common denominator of the serigraphs, etchings and lithographs in this exhibition is viewing the painting as a language for investigating processes that allows us to emphasise essential features that become a two-dimensional space for transcription and imprinting.
This shows yet another facet of the fertility and fullness of Joaquim Chancho’s work: work which makes sense through the use of signs, graphics and colour.
The artist starred at the Museum of Montserrat in 2005 the exhibition Joaquim Chancho, a contemporary classic, which was curated by Teresa Blanch. It is a decade last summer since our museum was renovated, with the opening of the Pere Daura room for temporary exhibitions, and this collaboration with Chancho marked the beginning of the continued commitment of our institution for contemporary art.