MDM Circle

What is the MDM Circle?

In the Museum of Montserrat we have promoted a group of friends of the institution that we call Cercle del MDM (MDM Circle), with the aim of expanding and consolidating the community of people sensitive to art that attune to the open and inclusive humanism that we try to convey with our work in the Museum.

The Museum of Montserrat belongs to the Abbey of Montserrat, and has its own dynamic and very lively in the world of culture of our country, and even more because among the activities of our institution we have assumed the conducting of the Sean Scully Art and Spirituality Institute, in the renovated church of Santa Cecilia de Montserrat.

Anyone can be a member of the MDM Circle. The members will receive personalized and first-hand information on the news and activities of the Museum and Santa Cecilia de Montserrat. They will also have the right to participate in special activities but, above all, we would like the bond of friendship to make you feel the Museum of Montserrat as your own. Becoming a member of the MDM Circle doesn’t mean any obligation and it’s free. On the contrary, as consideration, all enrollees will receive an accrediting card.

Join the MDM Circle!

Which advantages will I have as an MDM partner?

Participate in commented visits
Exclusive activities
Unique visits with artists
Discounts at the entrance to the Museum and in store products
Activities in Santa Cecilia de Montserrat
Free personal card
…and much more!

Do you want to be a member of the MDC Circle?

Choose your modality!

- They are PARTNERS all those who want to register, free and without commitment. They will get a free card that will allow them discounts on tickets and art products in the museum's store and voluntary participation in activities programmed exclusively for the MDM Circle.

- BENEFACTOR PARTNERS are those who can and want to contribute with an economic contribution from 20€ per year, managed through Fundació Abadia de Montserrat 2025, to sponsor a restoration that make them feel patrons, or some other project proposed by the Museum. This patronage has tax benefits for the donor with the deduction of 80% of the first 150€ of the amount with a limit of 15% of the taxable base, and may be increased by an additional 5% of deduction in the event that during the previous three years a contribution has been made, equal to or greater, in each of them, to from the previous year.
In addition, due to the fact that the donation is intended for an event of exceptional public interest, the 80% deduction for the first 150€ and 35% on the rest of the amount is increased by an additional 5%.
The Fundació Abadia de Montserrat will issue to each donor the corresponding donation certificate. The MDM will offer preferential treatment to the benefactor partners.

- The JUNIOR CLUB brings together children from 9 to 14 years old, who are inclined towards art or archaeology. The sessions consist of games guided by specialized monitors in which children play as archaeologists, or artists, or restaurateurs or museum curators, using facsimile materials and learning good manipulation and conservation practices. The sessions will be held in the Museum of Montserrat on Saturday mornings, according to a calendar. Membership in the Junior Club will often be linked to that of the MDM Circle Families.

- The MDM CIRCLE YOUNG SECTION welcomes boys and girls ages 15 to 17 interested in archaeology, art and museums. The activities will consist of workshops about information and treatment of materials, using some authentic materials and using the infrastructure of the Museum. The sessions will be led by specialized monitors and will take place on Saturday mornings.

- The section of UNIVERSITY AND POSTGRADUATE MDM Circle aims to bring together a group of university students, post-university students and doctoral candidates interested in the direct study of the archaeological and artistic collections of the Museum of Montserrat, who wish to do a practical period with us or who are interested in doing course work, degree or doctoral theses on the materials of our museum. We will provide them with direct access to the objects of study and the documentation of the MDM Archive and, as the case may be, we will disseminate the conclusions of their work through the official MDM web pages and blogs. Each case will be studied and valued individually as it implies an integration, even temporary or punctual, in the internal dynamics of the Museum team.

How can I become a member?

Write an email with your personal data to, indicating your postal address so that we can send you the personalized card. 

How can I make my financial contribution?

The benefactor members can make a bank income in:Fundació Abadia de Montserrat, 2025.
CaixaBank ES57 2100 0215 3502 0003 6394
Important: indicate in the subject "Cercle del MDM" and your name and surname.
(00 34) 938 777 745