2019: new shows by Plensa, Alcaraz, Mas and Isern
09 / 01 / 2019

The Museum of Montserrat will present four high-level temporary exhibitions this year 2019, with the aim of maintaining the commitment to quality contemporary art, in this case with four current Catalan artists: Jaume Plensa, Jordi Alcaraz, Gerard Mas and Jordi Isern.

The first will be the renowned sculptor Jaume Plensa, who in May will install a large-scale artwork in the atrium of the Basilica of Santa Maria. He will also open an exhibition at the Pere Pruna Art Space of the Museum, which will be formed by a selection of engravings and drawings. Jaume Plensa (Barcelona, ​​1955) is an artist of materials, sensations and ideas. His references embrace literature, poetry, music and thought. He considers himself, above all, a sculptor, although his creative process has gone through multiple disciplines. His works lead towards the very condition of being: its physical and spiritual essence, the consciousness of itself and its past, its moral codes and dogmas, and its relationship with nature. Plensa’s work has had a great international impact.

The Pere Daura room of the Museum will receive from June the work of Jordi Alcaraz (Calella, Barcelona, ​​1963), which represents the perfect confluence of form, poetic and concept. Using very diverse materials, such as methacrylate, ink and iron, he breaks, from the genre itself, the limits of painting, sculpture and engraving. From matter evokes the not yet formulated idea, the aura of the object, transforms and deforms reality, recreates it and thinks it with touch and hands. Heir to the Catalan artistic tradition of the last fifty years, the work of Alcaraz is related to the irony and poetics of Brossa, the subject of Tàpies and the ethereal character of Llena. The exhibition that shall be seen in Montserrat, curated by Bernat Puigdollers, will shake the concept of painting commonly accepted, and it will take us into a reflection on the creation itself, identity and reality.

In November, more sculpture at the Museum of Montserrat, in this case with a young artist accredited by a very solid trajectory: Gerard Mas (Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Girona, 1976). Irony and acquiescence, archaism and subversion are some of the artistic principles that distinguish Mas’s sculptural work. Albert Mercadé will be the curator of this project, which wants to put emphasis on the different registers used by the Catalan sculptor in his concern for the sacred, such as hieratism, bestiaries, the technique of wax, childish ingenuity or the existential dimension and popular of the votive offerings.

Jordi Isern (Barcelona, ​​1962), who will exhibit in Montserrat from December 2019 to April 2020, has based his artistic work of recent years in the reflection on the look of painting. How he and the public see it, and how it looks at us. The artist is concerned in generating a perceptive and transcendent climate for the viewer, and his exhibitions-scenarios aim to generate spaces where the work can be breathed deeply. This is also the purpose of the show prepared for the Museum of Montserrat, curated by José Corredor-Matheos. Isern seeks a meditative experience, a reflective space about the meaning of human existence, recalling one’s own body, fears and longings.

Photo: Jaume Plensa - fotografia: Inés Baucells@Plensa Studio Barcelona