Five exhibitions in a tribute year
10 / 03 / 2020

The Museum of Montserrat will present in 2020 five new temporary exhibitions. As we always do, with an eye on contemporary art, but without neglecting historical ones. Due to diverse circumstances, 2020 will be a year of tributes.

The first solo exhibition to inaugurate this year is that of Àlex de Fluvià (1966-2015), an acknowledgment to an abstract painter who died young. He stood out for his work of overlapping layers and colour gestural force in which the calligraphic stroke takes great importance. Jimena Flores is the curator of this project, entitled Palimpsest: What Lies Beneath, opening on March 13 at the Pere Pruna Art Space.

Summer main show will be the tribute to Ramon Rogent (Barcelona, ​​1920-Plan-d'Orgon, France, 1958), coinciding on the centenary of his birth. Rogent was one of the most important painters after the Spanish Civil War. His bright-coloured painting, heiress of the first avant-gardes, was a step forward towards the plastic renovation of Catalan painting in the grey atmosphere of Franco’s dictatorship. Unfortunately, a car accident tragically truncated his career when he was still very young. This exhibition in Montserrat, curated by Bernat Puigdollers, art historian and member of the Museum’s team, deepens on Rogent’s artistic work and claims his figure, a key piece to understand the arts of this period. The planned opening date is May 29, at the Sala Daura Room.

In summer we will emphasize again contemporary photography with Oriol Jolonch (Barcelona, ​​1973). The Museum of Montserrat has claimed photography as an artistic genre for years, and it’s been incorporated into the regular program of exhibitions (Andrea Torres Balaguer, 2018; Martí Gasull, 2016; Roger Ballen, 2015, etc.), both historical and contemporary styles. Photographer Oriol Jolonch is an extraordinarily creative artist, inspired by surrealism, who gives a fantastic and dreamlike component to his work. The result is photography combined with illustration. The exhibition will open on July 3 at the Pere Pruna Art Space.

In autumn we will pay another emotional tribute, in this case to Amèlia Riera (Barcelona, ​​1928-2019), who passed away a few months ago. We had met her in Montserrat last summer and, although she was physically weak, the artist had been fully involved in the preparation of this project, with the help of the curator of the show, Pere Pedrals. Amèlia Riera wanted to make the effort to look at her work 50 years ago to make a proposal that will revolve around the Exvotos series (1965-1970). In this key period of her career she closed the informalist stage and started a personal path in which the bourgeois stays appear for the first time and bursts the funeral issue, a proliferation of niches and coffins that in that time served to criticize the dictatorship, its “necropolitics” and power relations; and today they remind us of the transience of life and the rapid passage of time.

This year’s greatest exhibition will also be the last one. Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya) has declared the 2020 Riquer Year to commemorate the centenary of the death of Alexandre de Riquer (Calaf, 1856 - Palma, 1920). Curated by specialist Eliseu Trenc, the Museum of Montserrat has taken the initiative to offer a complete exhibition on this multifaceted artist who worked in painting, engraving, poster, illustration of books and magazines, designing of decorative arts and he was also a poet. Central figure of Modernism, in Montserrat he painted four of the six large panels of the new decoration of the basilica presbytery. The Museum exhibits two great works by Riquer: the Catalan Union flag, and the great painting Expectation of Christmas. We plan to inaugurate Riquer’s exhibition on November 27 at the Pere Daura Room.

One more year, we offer you an ambitious and quality program, complete and diverse. We hope that it motivates you as much as we do, and that you come to visit us!