Ramon Casas, protagonist in the Serra d'Or 2020 calendar
04 / 12 / 2019

The Serra d’Or 2020 calendar is dedicated to Ramon Casas. This painter is, without a doubt, the most prominent figure of Catalan modernism. The Museum of Montserrat is fortunate to have a collection of 28 excellent works by this author. It is the public place where you can better capture the evolution of this artist, how he reaches the peak and how he is sweetened with maturity until the end. This year’s calendar, edited by Publicacions de l’Abadia de Montserrat, includes the main Casas’ stages and themes. We see him in the month of January, very young, in a self-portrait that was made in front of a mirror on his trip to Granada in 1883. It’s because his love for espagnolade, adopted in Paris. In the same tonic is inserted the February bullring.

Casas is a female painter. The theme is recurring in almost all the images in this calendar. He portrays his models, which were many. We see an example in March: The yellow scarf. Among the women, it is worth mentioning his sister Montsita, dressed up for the Liceu Opera House –which illustrates the month of June–, but especially his wife Julia, whether dressed as an Andalusian, also in June, or dressed as Doña Inés, the Tenorio’s play nun, in November, or as a graceful lady, in October.

Another favourite theme of the artist is the frivolous atmosphere of Paris. We find it represented in the works After the ball, in the month of April, and in the emblematic Madeleine, in August. He liked to bring the Parisian atmosphere to Barcelona; we see it in Before the bath, in July, and also in the drawing Chauffeuse, in May. Casas was an extraordinary portrait artist. In Paris, she portrayed actress Teresa Mariani and her mother, already older, who we can see in September. And the series ends, in the month of December, with the self-portrait of Casas in his workshop on Descartes Street in Barcelona in 1929, when he was 63 years old.