The Museum presents Elisa Arimany's sculptures
24 / 01 / 2017

The Museum of Montserrat presents a retrospective look at the work of the sculptor Elisa Arimany. Self-taught, she started her artistic career as a ceramist, and soon incorporated other materials such as stone, iron and handmade paper. She combines small and medium format sculptures with monumental pieces in the public space. In fact, her creations are placed in cities and museums all around the world. Her sculpture is fundamentally abstract and characterized by the constant search for a deep humanism that challenges the great questions of human being, using geometric forms full of symbolism. Arimany combines the rotundness of the stone with the cold of the iron and the delicate texture of the ceramics. This selection shows the resulting mixture of materials and the sensitivity of the artist.
This exhibition by Elisa Arimany, curated by Francesc Miralles, will present eighteen works of the artist's personal collection that denote the essence of her sculptural work: some works from the Pressure series along with pieces from the Cathedrals series exemplify the humanism that transcends all the artist’s work: oppression and freedom together with the feeling of spirituality that moves the experience of human being. At a technical level, the contraposition of materials and the straight line are the constant of all his work. Elisa Arimany has a wide ceramic work with which she created a wide set of murals and floors of squares. Throughout its trajectory, she has exhibited in diverse cities of Europe and the United States, and has also numerous public sculptures.
Elisa Arimany
The strength of an idea
Pere Pruna Art Space, Museum of Montserrat
February 17 – June 11, 2017
Curator: Francesc Miralles