Visitors to the web grow 70%
04 / 01 / 2018

The website of the Museum of Montserrat ( generated an increase of 71.52% in visitors compared to 2016, confirming the positive trend that has continued since the new website was created in mid-2014. Last year we registered 83,686 different visitors and 104,731 visits; this second indicator has also grown by 46.74% over the previous year.

The presence of the Montserrat Museum on the internet has grown exponentially in recent years and, without a doubt, the web is our main showcase. The constant updating of the news and the nourishment of the fixed sections allow the portal to constantly change and provide new interesting contents for Internet users. So, for example, last year one of the most dynamic sections was Magic Lantern, which currently houses nineteen artistic collections that are not in the permanent exhibition and that allow people to watch in detail lesser known series of the Museum. The exhibition chapter is also very dynamic, where you can find texts, photos and videos of the current exhibitions, where users can also see which works are abroad on loan, or which are the future exhibitions that we are working on.

The News section is also constantly updated (where you can read this article), the Press section (with a selection of MDM information that appears in the media) and, especially, El Propileu, our magazine –all numbers can be downloaded in pdf format.

Visitors to the website of the Museum
Year                                      2015      2016       2017
Different visitors      36,720    48,788    83,686
Number of visits       57,712    71,367    104,731

The fact of having an attractive and updated website explains this growth in the visits, but is directly linked with other elements, such as newsletters or special emailing to disseminate the activities and, above all, the dynamism of social networks, which allow to contact instantly with all those people interested in our Museum. Currently, we have 7,661 followers on Facebook, 3,822 on Twitter and 1,833 on Instagram. Thank you very much everyone for your trust!

The double of Internet users at Santa Cecilia
On the other hand, the Museum’s team also manages the Sean Scully Art Space of Santa Cecilia de Montserrat. In this case, the website is more static than the Museum’s, as it provides information about the center and artist Sean Scully. Even so, the incorporation of the new agenda and the history of activities allows an exhaustive follow-up of the biweekly proposals of the Art and Spirituality Institute. In 2017 there have been 41,403 unique visitors and 46,535 visits, that is, double that of 2016, which were 22,920 visitors and 35,048 visits. We encourage you to also know this space!

Finally, we want to remember the three blogs linked to the Museum, where you can find many contents related to the artistic heritage of Montserrat (only in Catalan).

La rebotiga del MDM
Via Pulchritudinis
Institut Art i Espiritualitat Sean Scully