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Temporary Exhibition: «Picasso in the Busquets donation»

In 1990, Montserrat received a donation from the architect Xavier Busquets consisting of a collection of archaeological pieces as well as paintings by the great figures of Impressionism and Catalan artists, with a significant number of works by Picasso.

Busquets and Picasso became friends, as a result of the commission for the friezes for the new office building of the Architects’ Association of Catalonia in Plaça Nova in Barcelona, which was opened in 1962. Due to Picasso’s involvement in the project, Busquets often travelled to the south of France, where the former lived for the last thirty years of his life. These visits, the aim of which was to follow up on the commission, were the beginning of a friendship, as he spent time and shared conversations with the painter and his last wife, Jacqueline Roque, as well as all the friends, artists and photographers who constantly surrounded Picasso.

During these stays, Busquets took the opportunity to have the works he acquired signed by Picasso. These form part of the collection at the Museum of Montserrat, although most of them are not displayed in the permanent collection. This is a legacy that is now being exhibited, on the fiftieth anniversary of the artist’s death, together with documentation and photos related to the donation, as well as books, images and press articles that contextualise the three main stages of this journey: the arrival of the donation in Montserrat, Picasso’s years in the south of France and the growing interest in Picasso’s work in B arcelona due to the driving force of the Sala Gaspar.

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