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Givins 2012-2022

Givins 2012 - 2022
April 5 to june 30, 2024
Curators: Sílvia Muñoz d'Imbert and Santi Barjau

«Givins 2012 - 2022» is an exhibition of gratitude to all the donors who, with their generosity, have become part of the history of the Museum of Montserrat and, above all, a tribute to the man who has been the soul of the Museum for more than four decades, Fr. Josep de Calassanç Laplana.

The Museum's galleries will be open to an extensive selection of works donated between 2012 and 2022. For the exhibition, we conceived the selected donations along two different discursive lines, both in terms of their origin and chronology, which we wanted to interweave in the galleries to form part of a whole.