R. Casas, portraits from Modernism

Montserrat’s art collection holds more than twenty works by painter Ramon Casas (1866-1932). Top quality oils mainly arrived in the Museum thanks to Josep Sala Ardiz’s donation, and some charcoal and pastel portraits from later donations as well.

His works transmit the Paris atmosphere, with portraits painted inside where Casas focus in detail of the feminine image getting you into the actions and attitudes of the characters. Moreover they show to us the interest of the painter for the folklore of that time with ladies dressing mantillas, peinas and shawls, and it is very usual to see bullfighting scenes. All these works approach to us to the taste from that artist’s period, to the modernity, to the family life of the painter, and to the everyday life of the bourgeoisie.    

The collection of Ramon Casas in the Museum of Montserrat, where it is one the best represented artist beside Santiago Rusiñol, holds master pieces of the painter which are international recognised, and represents one of the most important collections of Ramon Casas’ paintings in our country.