«Christ of the Rhineland»
14 / 06 / 2024

Christ on the cross is the central iconographic theme of Christian art. It is an image that not only symbolizes his sacrifice, but also serves as the symbol of the redemption and salvation of all humanity.

The "Christ of the Rhineland" roughly correspondsto the iconography of Christ on the cross of the 15th century, with a thick crown of thorns carved, the head resting on the right shoulder, the body vertical, elongated, in a fusiform shape, the legs very long, and the position of the arms raised. The blood, which flows throughout the body from the wounds caused by the crown and the nails of the hands and feet.

The carving was donated to Montserrat by architect Xavier Busquets in 1990. Until the year 2022, he was in the Monastery reception room. Following its restoration, it has been placed in the Ancient Art section of the Museum. The showcase has received financial assistance from the Circle of Friends of the Montserrat Museum.