Current exhibitions

Information about the temporary expositions of the Museum of Montserrat, that are displayed in the Pere Daura and Pere Pruna rooms at the Museum, and that pay special attention to contemporary artists and the dialog with the world of culture.

Jordi Isern

JORDI ISERNMEMORYMemory of my body. Memory of the abyss. Memory of Everything The work of Jordi Isern can be described as the need to know beyond what our senses allow. It draws us in, disturbs us, and awakens an echo within us, as if we ourselves had traces of a prior knowledge within us that feel familiar. The three sections of this installation provide a window into the artist’s thought

Àlex de Fluvià

Palimpsest: What Lies Beneath The word “palimpsest” derives from the Ancient Greek palimpsēstos. It literally means “scraped clean and ready to be used again”. Palimpsests are also ancient manuscripts drawn by scribes on parchment in which writing was removed, covered or replaced by a new layer of text. They reveal a history, just as a chalkboard sometimes allows us to see partially...