Current exhibitions

Information about the temporary expositions of the Museum of Montserrat, that are displayed in the Pere Daura and Pere Pruna rooms at the Museum, and that pay special attention to contemporary artists and the dialog with the world of culture.

Andrea Torres Balaguer

ANDREA TORRES BALAGUER The silence of the pomegranates From July 7 to November 11, 2018 The work of Andrea Torres is a perfectly orchestrated trap. An intentionally proportioned and attractive piece, it covers us like a spider web and transports us to a world that is as mysterious as it is suggestive, ordinary at first glance but disturbing nonetheless, beautiful but terrible at the same time.

Enrique Asensi

Mirrors of Stone “All true art addresses something eloquent which, however, we are unable to understand. Eloquent, because it touches on something fundamental. How do we know that? We don’t know. We simply acknowledge it.” I repeat this quotation by John Berger, taken from his book entitled Berger On Drawing, after my first visit to Can Maginet, where Enrique Asensi’s impressive...