Current exhibitions

Information about the temporary expositions of the Museum of Montserrat, that are displayed in the Pere Daura and Pere Pruna rooms at the Museum, and that pay special attention to contemporary artists and the dialog with the world of culture.

Maria Bofill

Soul Mountains The Soul Mountains can be considered a variation on the soul houses first discovered by W. M. Flinders Petrie in the early 20th century, which were ceramic models placed atop the tombs of ancient Egypt. Initially, these only consisted of tables containing foodstuffs, but later they would become ceramic architectural models that stored food and sheltered those who would consume it.

Josep Niebla

Painting as a reflection of a life The preparation of this exhibition, which has enabled us to delve into the pictorial work of Josep Niebla from a general perspective, has confirmed what we have often been able to sense: that his career has been a stubborn endeavour to explain to us, through painting, everything he has struggled with inside him. Niebla is a visceral artist for whom it is not...